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CPC Corporation –

Become an international energy group with diverse businesses


Founded on June 1, 1946 in Shanghai, CPC Corporation moved to Taiwan with the government in 1949 and became subordinate to Ministry of Economic Affairs with the headquarters based in Taipei. For a long time, CPC Corporation is responsible for national energy safety and stable provision of oil and gas products and helps the domestic petrochemical industry grow soundly. In the overall economic development, CPC Corporation acts as the leader of state-owned enterprises and the pioneer of environmental protection and industrial safety and performs the tasks in accordance with self-expectations and requirements.


In February 2007, CPC Corporation was renamed CPC Corporation, Taiwan (CPC) in the 550th Board Meeting with the logo and English name unchanged. Upholding the business philosophy of Taiwan-based international businesses, CPC continues to fully supply energy domestically and build an international energy group with valuable goodwill.


Marking its 70th anniversary, CPC has received long-term support and praise from every community. With the annual turnover of over NT$1 trillion, CPC is ranked in the world's top 300 enterprises, 243rd of Top 300 Enterprises in Asia, and the second largest manufacturer in Taiwan. 


To become one of the world's top 150 energy groups, CPC actively expands corporate resources and diversified businesses in order to strengthen the operating structure and efficiency and competitiveness. The scope of business includes import, exploitation, development, refining, transportation and warehousing, and sales of oil and gas, production and supply of petrochemical feedstocks, and research and sale of biotech products and lubricants.


CPC expects to become a sustainable and competitive international energy group that specializes in exploitation, oil and gas, petrochemical products, and high technology and provides efficient and quality energy service.



Lubricant business – A new layout with excellent practice



Founded on March 16, 1999, Lubricants Business Division of CPC Corporation, Taiwan integrates manpower and resources of production, logistics, marketing, and technical service of lubricants in order to provide clients with a consistent range of services. In the rapidly changing market, the Division is able to improve competitiveness and global and domestic market shares and maximize the operating effect.


The scope of business includes the import of raw materials, blending and filling, transportation and warehousing, domestic and foreign sales, and research and development (Refining & Manufacturing Research Institute) of lubricants. Upholding a responsible attitude, which is the principle of sustainable development, the Division provides products and technical support as well as refined service and continuously invests in development of energy efficient products in order to fulfill corporate social and environmental responsibilities.



Meeting distribution channels and clients’needs with distinct products and instant service, CPC remains its leading position in lubricants in Taiwan; featuring quality, reasonable pricing, and stable supply, CPC expands foreign sales and further secures its position in Asia-Pacific lubricant markets.



















Development strategy

The Division continuously invests in buildings and adjusts operating structures in order to improve the competitiveness and ensure a sustainable and stable development when facing severe challenges in the market. The inauguration of lubricant blending automation and oil laboratory not only improve operating efficiency and capacity, but also strengthen customer services.


The strategic positions in the mid-term and long-term development include“building a competitive business model, transforming the Division into a lubricant company, and expanding businesses in Asia-Pacific markets”; development strategies include“strengthening infrastructure and transportation network”,“building flexible production operations and increasing output and capacity”,“advancing research, technical support, and channels and consolidating the domestic market”,“expanding Vietnam and ASEAN markets with MAXIHUB Company Limited”,“strengthening the supply of base oil and information systems and improving operating efficacy”, and“building complete structures and human resources and creating growth”



The Division consists of over 140 employees who are full of abilities, vitality, and creativity. With a long-term focus on employee training, the Division allows employees to have complete know-how and experiences in market development and operations and soundly plans and executes management, production, sales, and customer services.


1.Focus on professional training and experience heritage 


The Division continuously recruits young professionals and emphasizes job training of all levels in order to provide expertise and skills and guide employees to obtain professional licenses; with the establishment of a knowledge management platform, the Division continuously accumulates skills and experience in order to achieve corporate restructuring and sustainable development.


2.Implement the job rotation and strengthen manpower quality


The Division implements the job rotation to strengthen employees’ working abilities and development, expand their horizons, and improve the second specialty; the Division also provides management and leadership training based on job demands and personality traits in order to take good advantage of manpower.



The progress of power – Make progress and scale the peak


Solid capacity for research and innovation

Research and development is an important factor of CPC’s technical innovation and sustainable development. With the solid capacity for research and technical service, the Refining & Manufacturing Research Institute built in Chiayi focuses on the development of petrochemical products and lubricants and on-site production solutions. It is an important power that drives business development.


In the Refining & Manufacturing Research Institute, dozens of research fellows strive to develop products and technologies required in the lubricant business. In addition, the engine test laboratory, Vehicle test laboratory and lubricant laboratory have reached the world-class standards and have built a technical cooperation with foreign oil companies and domestic automakers. Over the past years, the Institute has received several patents home and abroad and achieves the vision of technology-based customer services.


 The Refining & Manufacturing Research Institute and the Division work together to develop and promote various quality products, which have been distributed to consumers and wildly recognized by businesses.


In addition to continuously conducting research on energy efficient and quality products, the Institute also works with clients to customize products in accordance with clients’ needs, with the aim to fulfill the commitment to environmental protection and solve clients’ problems in accordance with their expectations.


Excellent manufacturing capacity and strict requirements for quality

With over 40 years of experience in manufacture, the Chiayi-based factory has an annual capacity of 90,000 kiloliter lubricants with the help of automated equipment, including “Automatic batch blending”, “simultaneously metered blending ”, and “Drum decanting unit”.


With incomparable manufacturing equipment and capacity in Taiwan and also in Asia, the factory masters the manufacturing skill of greases with an annual capacity of 3,300 ton. The excellent performance and stability of greases have been highly recognized by industrial clients.


Having a series of physical and chemical analysis equipment that tests raw materials, semi-products, and finished products and a range of function test equipment that analyzes used lubricants, the lubricant test laboratory supports sales representatives and provides the best after-sale service and analysis of professional lubricants for clients.


In recent years, the Division has continuously purchased lubricant test equipment and participates in the international laboratory accuracy test every year in order to improve the capacity for tests and ensure that accuracy complies with international standards.



Sound distribution and warehouse management


To quickly meet various demands for delivery, four warehouses (Shulin District in New Taipei City, Dadu District in Taichung City, Chiayi City, and Siaogang District in Kaohsiung) for finished goods are established with the scope of business ranging from distributor pick-up, delivery to a direct client’s factory or maintenance factory, and delivery of ship lubricants through pump unloading at dock. Among four warehouses, the one in Shulin District in New Taipei City features the largest high-tech explosion-proof automation in Taiwan and uses a computerized control system to manage inventory and accounts based on the first-in-first-out principle.


So far, the Division has continuously invested in sound transportation and warehousing equipment in order to improve the level of supply chain. To develop the lubricant storage business, the Division will invest in the two-phase establishment of lubricant tanks at Port of Taichung that enhance supply and international trade in lubricants.






Dual-brand strategy and sound product lines

Having strived to manage the brand, goodwill, and customer relations for a long time, the Division develops different markets based on a dual-brand strategy with a wide range of product applications. Through the continuous pursuit of innovation and challenges, the Division provides indispensable quality products and focuses on the growth of production and supply in order to increase the brand value.


MiRAGE-A vehicle lubricant brand

MiRAGE is an quality brand designed for vehicle maintenance. With the core value of young and vitality and an adventurous spirit, MiRAGE successfully wins the popularity among young consumers and has achieved an unprecedented sale performance within just a few years.


Cooperating with sophisticated and reliable automobile and motorcycle maintenance factories, MiRAGE builds the quick maintenance center and standard operating procedures in order to provide instant and professional lubricant replacement and support.  

CPC-A brand with mission


Having been marketed for over 60 years, CPC lubricants consistently offer stable prices and support the industrial development. With sound product lines that meet various demands, CPC lubricants feature excellent quality and service that are highly recognized by every community, making it the leading brand in Taiwan.


To meet various clients’ needs, CPC lubricants have diverse product lines, including automotive Lubricants, industrial lubricants, marine lubricants, and greases. The excellent quality of CPC lubricants has received the certification from top automakers like API, BMW, DAIMLER CHRYSLER and VOLVO, original manufacturers, and ship engine manufacturers. Marketed in China and countries in Southeast Asia, CPC lubricants have been highly recognized and trusted by major automakers, the steel industry, and general consumers in Taiwan. 











Domestic sales network

Direct sales

Employees in each area of the Division directly serve large automotive and motorcycle manufacturers and public and private entities in order to grasp the market trend and provide service in accordance with clients’needs.


Contracted distributors

To expand the sales and provide efficient services, the Division has entered into the distribution contract with nearly 30 contracted distributors, 2 hypermarkets, 3 MiRAGE contracted distributors, and 3 marine contracted distributors in order to offer faster distribution and services.


Gas stations

More than 600 CPC gas stations sell CPC lubricants and automotive lubricants design for car racing in order to maintain consistent quality.



Contract customers or end users may place orders via the Internet(B2B model). General customers may purchase engine oil products through CPC engine oil stores(B2B model).


Foreign sales network


The Division actively expands its foreign sales covering China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, India, Thailand, Congo and the Solomon Islands. In addition, the Division organizes the foreign contracted distributors business promotion meeting on a regular basis in order to communicate market information and grasp potential opportunities. In the future, the Division will focus on diversified trade and commission foreign agencies to expand the foreign sales.


In 2015, CPC jointly invested in the establishment of MAXIHUB Company Limited in Dong Nai Province, Vietnam, with TASCO Group and Uni-Shine Chemical Corporation and built the lubricant blending factory and warehouse. Integrating the lubricant formula and blending skills of the Division with solvents and chemicals of TASCO Group and Uni-Shine Chemical Corporation, MAXIHUB Company Limited will expand the sales of lubricants and solvent chemicals in Vietnam and ASEAN markets based on the geographical advantages and lower labor costs.




All-round technical support

Consistently offering refined service, the Division sets up business units in Northern, Central, Southern, and Eastern Taiwan to provide sound before-sale and after-sale services, including before-sale client visits, analysis of lubricant compatibility, recommendations for lubricants, after-sale test and analysis of used lubricants, technical support, and lubricant management. In addition to marketers that instantly provide necessary advice on lubricants, 0800 toll-free hotline is also available for general consumers to obtain related information on various lubricants.














Collaboration–Built a safe workplace and fulfill corporate social responsibilities


Industrial safety and health

To ensure zero hazard to industrial operations, life and property safety of employees and surrounding residents, the Division cares much for the industrial safety and health as well as fire prevention. In addition to regular environmental safety training, promotion activities and emergency drills are also held every year to improve employees’ responses to disasters. The Division also sets up fire equipment and self-defense groups in accordance with domestic regulations and foreign industrial safety and environmental protection standards in developed countries like Europe, the US, and Japan and asks all employees to perform accordingly. From May 2006 to the present, the Division has accumulated 2.8 million labor hours without occupational injury and receives the “Records of Labor-hour without Occupational Injury” from Industrial Safety and Health Association of the R.O.C.
















Social welfare

As part of the state-owned enterprise, Lubricants Business Division, driven by the mission, continuously holds many charitable activities to fulfill corporate social responsibilities. In addition to providing energy efficient quality lubricants, the Division strives to protect the environment, participate in community development, care for local cultures, and support disadvantaged groups, with the aim to set the role model for the general public to make Taiwan better.




The Division has par ticipated in afforestation in Gaoping Special District Park in Siaogang District, Kaohsiung, Fenghuang Mountain, Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park, and spaces at CPC factories and gas stations.





The Division donates refurbished computers to Kaohsiung Charity Association on a regular basis and hopes to help students from economically disadvantaged households and after-school child care centers engage advanced technology.




3.Local charitable activity

The Division actively participates in local activities and community development, including Dajia Mazu Pilgrimage, Swing Folk Activity in Chiayi City, CPC Neighborhood Hiking Activity in Chiayi City, Double Ninth Festival in Shulin District, New Taipei City, Gangxing Village Female Volunteers Activity in Kaohsiung City, and Dengue Fever Prevention Propaganda.



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